Friday, 19 July 2013

Azhar Idrus Vs Al-Azhar Scholar: PAS is in love with a Youtube celebrity.

According to history, PAS was built by youngsters who were educated from renowned Islamic universities like Al-Azhar and such. This is to become the pillar of the party that supposed to uphold Islamic values.

Sadly, the contributions of Al-Azhar as a cesspool of future PAS leaders are being marred by the advancement of technology. Currently, the responsibility of Ulama’ in the party are taken over by individuals who are only able to talk a lot about religion, and has the ability to hold a stand up comedy show at the same time.

Ironically, the popularity that is overwhelming PAS’s ulama’s from Al-Azhar is also an Azhar, or better known by his full name Azhar Idrus.

The popularity of reality shows especially on comedic skills is used fully by Azhar Idrus to expose himself in the same way but by using the Youtube as a medium and a little bit of religious knowledge that he have as an early start.

However, his planned works and he steadily increase the numbers of supporters challenging the numbers of PAS ulama’s who is more educated like Harun Din, Harun Taib and Nik Aziz.

The fact of the matter is the person who supports Azhar Idrus are not looking for religion, but they are looking for religion that is the comedic version of religion.

That is one of the reason why PAS ulama’ are not popular in ceramah anymore, Azhar Idrus is more popular even though he has no formal education in Islamic teaching, just the fact that he claimed he studied with a few Islamic teachers.

It is not puzzling why he campaigned for PAS in the Kuala Besut by-election (Malays are the majority) as what is happening now. Pas is using Azhar Idrus for the benefit of the party and they are ready to kick out Al-Azhar’s scholar that is filled in the party.

What important to PAS is to win the election; they will take whatever way for them to ensure that they win the election. PAS is actually ready to kick out the religious scholar’s faction in the party.

It is more shocking to know the fact that Azhar Idrus has already taken the ‘key’ to heaven and hell from Nik Aziz when he made statement regarding things that can only be judge by Allah.

He is not even Ulama’, he is just an ordinary preacher, but he dared to say who will go to heaven and hell.

Whatever it is, the reality is, there is a war brewing in PAS right now. PAS is choosing Youtube star instead of a genuine Islamic scholar. The party is at the brink of destruction.

Apapun, itulah realiti sebenar yang berlaku dalam PAS sekarang.  Banyak cacamarba berlaku dalam PAS sebelum ini, cuma penulis tak sangka diakhirnya, PAS akan berkiblatkan penceramah Youtube juga.

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